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The Course Bundle Includes:



The first course is Real Estate Made Easy, my wholesaling course. It goes detail how I find sellers, negotiate with them and get buyers to pay the highest price.


The next course, is the raising private money to wealth course. This gives you the steps to turning your cash buyers into private lenders so you can buy your own deals.


And the 3rd course is the Home Loans for Everyone Subject to course. We talk strictly taking over mortgages and this one is a live virtual class.



To get EVERYTHING you need for real estate investing get the bundle today!


The Real Estate Made Easy Wholesaling Course

Raising Private Money to Wealth Course

Home Loans For Every Subject to LIVE Training September 23rd 2023


A $1,647 Value bundled at a Discounted Price of $999!



The Course Bundle

$1,647.00 Regular Price
$699.00Sale Price
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