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This Private Money Workshop is a comprehensive system that teaches you everything you need to know about private money: what private money is, how to raise private money, where to find private money lenders, how to approach private money lenders, and how to get your private money lenders to re-invest their money in your deals (time and time again) so that you never run out of funds or never have to depend on a traditional bank ever again.


You'll learn the same strategy that investors all over the country/world have used to raise tens of millions of dollars to close on countless deals. It's the strategy you'll use to finally jumpstart your real estate investing dreams and start doing deals...

...So you stop worrying about the money you need to raise and start focusing on THE GOALS you want to achieve.


Workshop Objectives:In this workshop you will learn:


How to raise money from Banks?

How to raise money on Business Credit?

How to raise private money?

How to partner with private money for fees and equity?

What documents you need to protect yourself

You will get your own person credibility pack to start raising money

Access to play back

Access to Private Facebook Group

The last hour will be a live Q&A to clear up what you learned

Course hosted on Teachable

Raising Private Money to Wealth

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